Ashland man believes stranger killed his dog

Ashland man believes a stranger killed his dog

ASHLAND, VA (WWBT) - An Ashland man is looking for answers after he found his dog dead in his backyard.

Matt Windham said he believes someone reached over his fence and hit his pit bull in the head with a heavy object after she would found dead with a cut on her head.

Windham was looking forward to building a lifetime with his 1-year-old pit bull, Stella. Now, he’s left holding on to pictures and memories after finding her lifeless.

Windham said he went outside to bring Stella back in his house when he found her dead in his backyard, after apparently being beaten on the head.

“I immediately just walk out there like, ‘where’s Stella, why are [the other dogs] barking like they are?' I walk back right over here, where I have the posted sign up, and she was laying there lifeless,” said Windham.

Windham filed a report with Ashland police but feels it’ll be nearly impossible to find out who killed Stella without any security cameras in the area.

While he’s angry about what happened, he is concerned for the safety of his other two dogs and the neighbor’s pets.

“Who could do something like that?” said Windham, “I know things like this happen everyday but (it) doesn’t excuse killing an innocent person or dog.”

Windham is hoping that someone with information will contact the Ashland Police Department.

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