First Alert Weather Day: Heavy rain expected late Monday into Monday night.

Several inches of rain possible

Heavy rain expected Monday night into Tuesday morning

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Yet another soaking rainfall is likely beginning Monday late afternoon and continuing into Tuesday morning for central Virginia.

MONDAY is an NBC12 FIRST ALERT weather day because of the heavy rain potential during the evening rush hour and overnight.

Rainfall amounts could reach 1 to 2.5 inches with the bulk of the rain falling Monday evening and overnight. Tuesday will be cloudy with some spotty light rain but the big stuff falls BEFORE the sun comes up on Tuesday.

Widespread flooding is not expected at this point, but there may be some street flooding, poor drainage flooding, and small stream flooding due to the heavy rain on top of an already saturated ground. It would be a good idea to clear catch basins and drains of any leaves before the rain arrives on Monday evening.

2018 is already a top 10 wettest year on record in Richmond and this storm will likely move Richmond higher up on that list.

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