Abigail Spanberger changes the face of the Virginia 7th District Congressional seat

Updated: Nov. 9, 2018 at 6:32 PM EST
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Chances are you’ve seen the viral pictures of Abigail Spanberger the night she won a seat to Congress. Her 4-year-old daughter, Catherine, stole the show during her victory speech.

“Well first, I could hear my husband in the background saying ‘Catherine, Catherine,’ trying to get her back. There’s always that moment where you put them on your hip and you continue stirring the pasta, or trying to type out your work email, you know any of those things. So seeing it is a very sweet memory, while I was giving this speech,” said the Congresswoman-Elect.

The 39-year-old Democrat defeated Republican Incumbent Dave Brat. The Congresswoman-elect is now the first woman to ever win the district and the first Democrat elected there since 1968.

“I do recognize the historical significance to winning a district that people thought was unwinnable, I recognize that if you scroll through everyone whose ever represented this district, I am a notable departure from history. So I’m excited and proud of that, but it’s a part of the larger success of what we tried to achieve with this campaign,” said Spanberger.

Next week the Congresswoman-elect begins her ‘freshman orientation’ in Washington, D.C.

“Everything from the logistics of where our offices are, how we pay for them to who works in them, everything there is a bit of it, and then there are of course conversations about what leadership will look like, the Democrats will be caucusing with the Democrats, the Republicans will be caucusing with the Republicans to focus on long-term planning strategies,” said Spanberger.

As for where the Congresswoman-elect starts, she says the heart of all issues lies in the American people’s trust of the government.

“If we want to make really impactful movement on all of the issues that are important to voters, we need to be sure that voters actually trust their elected officials to be doing the right thing for the right reasons,” said Spanberger.

Watch our full interview with the Congresswoman-elect.

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