Son struggles with health, finances after his mother’s murder

Son struggles after mother's murder

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond man is struggling to get back on his feet after he says his sister stabbed their mother to death in August.

Richmond Police were called for a domestic incident in the 3800 block of Peyton Avenue just before 6 a.m. August 26.

"I have bad dreams at night,” said Samuel Washington, the victim’s son. “I can't sleep."

Washington said the events that took place around 5:30 that morning continue to haunt him.

His sister Janice Tyler, 58, was arrested and charged with the murder of their mother.

“From when I wake in the morning until I go to bed at night - that’s all I see in my vision,” Washington said. “My mother laying on the floor in a pool of blood.”

Since that morning, Washington said his life has been turned upside down.

"There's no coming back from what she did,” he said.

Washington said it all started when he heard noises outside his room.

“When I came out of the bedroom, I saw my sister beating my mom in the head with a hammer,” he said.

It's a graphic image that he can’t shake; bearing the scars not only in his mind, but on his body.

"She tried to stab me in my chest but I put my arm up and she stabbed me through my arm with a knife,” Washington said. “I managed to make my way out of the back door."

While Shirley Washington's death has faded from the headlines, the pain and struggle for Washington hasn't.

"My mother was the greatest I ever had,” he said. “When I found out my mother had two heart attacks and three strokes I dropped everything I had and moved back in with my mother to try and take care of her."

His mother’s will left the home they lived in to his brother who lives out of state.

That home is now up for sale, leaving Washington scrambling to find a permanent place to live instead of staying in hotels.

"I had to go out and try and find a place to stay,” he said. “So I ended up staying at a hotel, but since then I've exhausted all of my finances."

Washington said an organization is helping him stay in a hotel, but not forever.

"I have a couple of connections that are working for me and trying to help me find permanent residence,” he added. “But due to my financial situation I'm only getting disability... I have roughly 12 days until I'm back on the street."

As he works to find a solution to his physical problems, he's also focused on the mental side; starting to speak with a therapist and his pastor about how to move forward from this tragedy.

“She took my mother’s life,” Washington said. “That’s something that’s unforgivable.”

Washington said he’s reached out to some shelters in downtown already.

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