Problems at the polls? Report your issues here

Problems at the polls? Report your issues here

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - As Election Day kicked off, long lines greeted many voters across the region.

The State Board Elections is holding four media briefings throughout the day Tuesday to update Central Virginia residents on any issues that may happening.

“Overall, it’s been a pretty smooth start," said Election Commissioner Chris Piper.

Voters think differently.

“On a scale of one to ten probably a two,” One voter described her experience.

This voter says their experience voting at Manchester Middle School in Chesterfield was a nightmare.

“There seemed to be some confusion about the machine that counts not working,” The voter said.

The voter said the scanning machine went down so the precinct had to go to plan 'B'.

“I asked them how long it would be before the machine got fixed and they said they didn’t know but they told me to put my paper over here. In the black cabinet and they would count it later,” The Voter said.

The news left voters uneasy.

“I personally did not trust that particular process so I wanted to wait until the machine was fixed," Krystal Powell said.

“We have reports throughout the day, beginning of the day of voting machines that aren’t working o poll books that aren’t working," Piper said.

There were other issues across the area.

Many complained of parking issues at Mount Hermon Baptist Church on Genito Road.

Many says some cars were stuck in mud having to find places to park.

Slow lines and only one scanner at some polling sites in Henrico and Richmond caused major slow downs.

Other problems include people not being allowed to vote due to issues with their ID's and even some claiming they are being intimidated at the polls.

“Any complaints about voter intimidation or misinformation campaigns are immediately forwarded to local law enforcement,”

The lines were long, the glitches were there but Krystal Powell says it brought those in line together.

“There was a feeling of unity. Most people decided to stay. We wanted to make sure our vote counted," Powell said.

In Central Virginia, one issue occurred at the Salisbury precinct in Chesterfield where the polling place opened about 45 minutes late. Piper says things are now up and running with no problems.

In Henrico County, voters were concerned that their ballots would not be counted because of a broken ballot scanner machine, Virginia Mercury reports.

When voters fill out a ballot but it can’t be counted right away, it’s put to the side in a box to be counted later, Piper said. Observers from both political parties watch the counting process at the end of the day to make ballots are properly counted.

In the city of Chesapeake some voters were handed the wrong ballots. The precinct had the wrong ballot, Piper said.

Instead of voting in the 3rd Congressional District, where Democratic incumbent Bobby Scott is running unopposed, voters were given a ballot to vote in the 4th District, where incumbent Democrat Donald McEachin is running against Republican Ryan McAdams and Libertarian Pete Wells, Virginia Mercury reports.

Those ballots were pulled to the side and will be considered later. The affected voters won’t be able to cast a new ballot in the correct congressional district, Piper said.

NBC12′s Eric Perry wants to hear from you if you’ve experienced any issues. You can reach out to him on Facebook or Twitter throughout the day.

It's election day! Are you seeing any issues at the polls? If so, let me know!

Posted by Eric Perry NBC12 on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

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