RACC speaks with man accused of dog abuse at park

RACC speaks with man accused of dog abuse at park
RACC says no charges will be filed against man accused of dog abuse (Source: NBC12)

UPDATE: Fri. Nov. 9 - RACC not filing charges against man accused of dog abuse. Click here for update.

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond Animal Care and Control officers continue to investigate a claim of dog abuse at a Church Hill park.

Officials with RACC said Thursday they’ve talked to the man accused of abusing his Doberman at the Chimborazo dog park Oct. 24. However, details about that conversation were not available.

Hayley Jacobsen claims she saw the man grab a hose, turn it on, and then “shove” it down the dog’s throat.

"Every dog owner has different discipline styles, just like people have different parenting styles,” Jacobsen said. “But there's a difference between tapping a dog on the side of the mouth if you think they're playing too aggressively and pinning them down and shoving a hose in their mouth. I think that's where all of us were like what just happened."

According to RACC, investigators have talked to several people as part of the investigation.

After all information and statements are collected, the group then typically has a consultation with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office.

“Ideally, we would like to wrap up in the next few weeks,” the RACC official said.

Since the story aired, several people contacted NBC12 stating the man accused does not abuse his dogs.

“He met with RACC and provided a statement,” said a friend. “This untrue accusation has caused him great distress. People have threatened physical harm to him and vigilante mob type of attitudes.”

The friend added the man loves his dogs and would not do anything to hurt them.

“He brought the dogs with him to give his statement,” she said.

She added there were other individuals there the day of the incident who could refute the accusation.

This is an ongoing investigation.

RACC urges anyone who may suspect a possible animal abuse situation to contact them at (804) 646-5573.

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