Police investigate random gunfire happening outside Henrico neighborhood

Police investigate random gunfire happening outside Henrico neighborhood

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Henrico Police are investigating after numerous neighbors called over the last few months reporting random gunfire in the back of their homes.

The shots are allegedly being fired on John Rolfe Parkway near the Tuckahoe Little League and neighbors have been reporting the shots since the summer.

“It’s really surprising because its a great neighborhood,” Agon Berisha said.

Berisha’s home backs up to John Rolfe Parkway, so he often hears when the shots are fired. He says it typically happens at night but has happened on random days since the summer.

“It’s tiring to be woken up all the time by the shots,” Berisha said. “The first time I looked for sirens thinking it had something to do with police and it was concerning but when you look out there and see nothing but you hear these shots. You start to wonder what’s next.”

The amount of rounds fired is unpredictable too, according to Berisha. He says he usually hears a distinct vehicle first.

“I’ll be in my room and the vehicle, it sounds like it’s coming from that corner right there, it’ll stop and I can distinctively hear the muffler on it and then it’ll come through over here and this is where it seems like the shots are happening,” Berisha said. "The rounds vary...sometimes it’s a couple shots, sometimes it has been as many as 15,” Berisha said.

Police have received seven calls from different people over the last few months. They have also increased patrols in the area but haven’t been able to find a culprit or even any evidence.

“It just seems like really reckless behavior,” Berisha said. “There is lots of kids in the neighborhood there is schools nearby. Once those shots go out you cant get them back and to some it might be fun and games but that quickly ends when people start to get hurt.”

If you have any information, you are encouraged to call Henrico Police.

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