Scammers impersonate bank fraud investigators

Scammers impersonate bank fraud investigators

(WWBT) - A tech expert, who launched his own software company, is sharing a story about how he was nearly scammed out of his banking information.

Scammers are now impersonating bank fraud investigators to reach their victims, and steal their money.

Cabel Sasser says he got a cal, and the caller ID said “Wells Fargo Bank,” where he has a checking account.

The caller supplied Sasser’s own social security number, and said his debit card had just been used at a Target store 1,500 miles from Sasser’s home.

The man said he was investigating that purchase as fraud. Then he asked Sasser to give him his ATM PIN to help with the investigation.

Sasser says he nearly did, despite his tech background, then realized what he was doing, and told the man he was going to call the 1-800 number on the back of his bank card instead.

When he did, he was connected to the real fraud department, which let him know he’d almost been scammed.

The FTC took nearly 80,000 complaints from people who’d gotten impostor calls like this in 2017.

Your bank will never call you and ask you to supply your ATM PIN.

And even if someone has your social security number or other personal data, be skeptical. Big data breaches likely mean your information’s out there on the dark web.

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