Cosby High School homecoming pranks go too far

Cosby High School homecoming pranks go too far

Chesterfield, VA (WWBT) - A parent is angry after this car was vandalized with oil, flour, corn meal and peanut butter.

Chesterfield Schools said this is part of an unofficial homecoming activity, as three cars were vandalized Sunday night in Chesterfield.

This week is homecoming for Cosby High, which also kicks off a prank war between juniors and seniors.

“There are some traditions where kids go out and do some pranking in the neighborhoods,” Victoriana Cangelosi, Cosby High PTO president, said.

One parent posted pictures of her vandalized car on the Cosby High PTO Facebook page. Her car was covered in saran wrap, oil, flour, corn meal, rice and peanut butter.

"When you start to cause monetary damage to people’s property, that when it becomes problematic,” Cangelosi said.

“This is not an official part of homecoming week and (the principal) asked that parents please speak with their students about how pranks can lead to serious property damage for others,” school officials said.

Chesterfield police said students who cause less than $1,000 in damage to a property can be charged with a misdemeanor. Any damage more than $1,000 comes with a felony.

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