Is tonight the night? $1.6 billion jackpot still up for grabs

Weird things lottery winners have bought with their millions

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Tuesday’s Mega Millions drawing has $1.6 billion at stake as the jackpot continues to grow.

There has not been a winner in the Mega Millions drawing since July, cause this jackpot to break its own record with each subsequent drawing.

According to Virginia Lottery officials, more than 336,000 tickets purchased in the Commonwealth won prizes in the Friday, October 19 drawing. But the prize amounts pale in comparison to the ultimate prize.

Even the two $1 million-winning tickets seem like chump change compared to the massive jackpot.

Two Virginia tickets won $1 million in Friday’s drawing. The tickets were purchased at:

  • Gum Spring BP, 911 Cross Country Road in Mineral
  • Whistle Stop, 11729 Old Franklin Turnpike in Union Hall  

The odds of winning are astronomically small, but there’s no fun in not playing.

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