Lunch ladies give daily dose of inspiration to students via bananas

Lunch ladies give daily dose of inspiration to students via bananas

HANOVER COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - Lunch ladies at one Hanover County school are serving up a daily dose of inspiration for students by writing messages on bananas.

Jennifer Reed said the concept was created last year at Beaverdam Elementary School by a former employee.

After hearing about it from the other ladies in the ‘lunch bunch,’ she decided to continue the tradition this week.

“I thought it was a really great thing to do,” Reed said. “We have a really great community and families here. I’m sure a lot of children feel the love, but just in case somebody doesn’t I’d like them to feel that when they’re here at school. Everyone here is just lovely, sweet, kind and we promote kindness."

“Anytime you can have a positive environment in a school you know great things can happen from that and they took this and ran with it,” said Principal Chip Joseph.

As part of the meal option at the school, students have a choice of fruit they want, and if they choose a banana not only does it come with a dose of potassium, but an extra dose of inspiration.

“I’ve been writing ‘you are magnificent,’ ‘you’re marvelous,’ which is kind of funny because a lot of the younger kids didn’t know what those words meant,” Reed said. “We explained it to them and had a good time.”

Reed and the other ladies said some of the students are bashful about receiving the compliments, but overall, they seem to like the inspiration.

“They give immediate smiles,” said Principal Chip Joseph. “Who wouldn’t smile when you have someone telling you you’re cool, terrific, and outstanding?”

Joseph said this generation is faces a multitude of challenges especially with the rise of bullying, and this simple gesture helps remind students to peel away the negativity and focus on the positive.

“I believe it’s the little thing that count the most,” he added. “There are always negative factors that come with any situation but when you have enough positive things going on I think you can overcome almost anything.”

The lunch ladies hope other schools will look at different options of providing daily inspiration for their students.

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