Henrico brothers receive patent for Lollipop Toothbrush invention

Henrico brothers receive patent for Lollipop Toothbrush invention

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Do you have ideas for the next great invention?

Well, two Henrico brothers have plenty of ideas.

In fact, they recently received a U.S. patent for one of them.

Six-year-old Nevaan Kothari and his three-year-old brother, Riaan Kothari, are now among the youngest inventors in the world.

They stopped by the NBC12 studio with their parents to show off their latest creation, which is the Lollipop Toothbrush.

It is a great idea to help satisfy your sweet tooth, and to help keep that tooth in your mouth at the same time.

"I used to eat candy all the time, and my mom and dad got worried bout my teeth," said Nevaan. "So, that's why we invented the lollipop toothbrush. We can attach any candy to the toothbrush, and after we eat the candy, we can easily brush. It just reminds us about the toothbrush."

“They introduced light to the brush as well,” said mom Hemanki Kothari.

“It was like ‘Okay, how about we have lights like the way we have street lights- where it’s like red, green, and yellow?’ So, they were like ‘Why can’t we have the same concept on the brush?’ and we were like ‘Okay, green means you go brush your teeth, then yellow means you can slow down, it’s almost time that you are done with your brush, and when it is red, you are done brushing.’”

Nevaan and Riaan are inspired to create by their parents, Ankit and Hemanki Kothari, who are also inventors.

They currently hold eight U.S. patents on their ideas, including several related to self driving cars.

The Kotharis are currently submitting request for recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first family of four where all of the household members are inventors.

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