New Kent woman meets the young man she rescued from a burning truck

Woman reunited with teenager she pulled from burning vehicle

NEW KENT, VA (WWBT) - It was a remarkable reunion between a New Kent woman and the young man she rescued from a burning truck. It’s the first time the two have seen each other since the fiery crash that nearly claimed the young man’s life.

A New Kent mother Curtisa Thomas said she was just doing what any human being should do. Now she sees first-hand how her quick thinking made all the difference.

It was on Cooks Mills Road, the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 5.

“Looked at the fire and I said ‘Oh my God is this truck going to blow up?'” Thomas said.

She was dropping her children off at school when she noticed a truck on the side of the road. The then, 18-year-old driver, had just struck a tree and was in flames.

“All I saw was this child was about the same age as my child…I could see his bones sticking through his pants…I said ‘I have to move you out of this car. I can’t leave you in here.' He started crying and said, ‘no, no, no’. I said ‘baby, I can’t leave you in this car. I can’t’,” she said.

Thomas rescued him, carrying the 18-year-old some 50-feet to safety and waited until first responders could get there.

Now, the two were meeting for the first time since the crash.

"That's him. That's him. Look!" Thomas said while answering the door.

In crutches, 19-year-old Lane Eubank arrived with his father.

"It feels great. It's a blessing. It's nothing short but the hand of God was there and had her there at the right time…So blessed that it worked out the way that it did because it could've been so much worse. The fact that he's standing here. The fact that he's not in a wheelchair,” Eubank added.

"I could have turned around and went the other way but I feel like what human would actually do that…Once I looked and I saw fire, there was no way I was going to leave,” Thomas said.

Now she’s forever connected with a stranger, simply because she stayed.

"I'm so glad you’re alright. I really am,” Thomas said.

“I’m so glad you were there to help me,” Lane Eubank said.

Lane injured his hip and thigh. He now has a rod in his leg and is expected to start physical therapy soon. New Kent first responders presented Thomas with a plaque, medal and a certificate for helping save his life.

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