Central Virginia businesses prepare to offer relief following Hurricane Michael’s landfall

Central Virginia businesses prepare to offer relief following Hurricane Michael’s landfall

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Businesses in Central Virginia are watching Hurricane Michael to determine if resources from our area will need to head down South.

Both Dominion Energy and the Red Cross are preparing for that possibility. Two Red Cross volunteers from Richmond boarded a plane Wednesday. More are preparing to do the same. Even Dominion Energy is on alert in the event crews are told to go.

"Obviously our first response right now is handling sheltering requests, giving people a safe haven out of the storm. So we need to make sure we have appropriate staff to be working those shelters. We can feed everybody, everybody has appropriate needs met and they can be safe while the storm passes,” Donna Lee said in a video posted on the organization’s Twitter.

In addition to flooding that’s already begun, Hurricane Michael could cause major power outages.

"One of the things we do in our industry is we have each other's backs,” Ray Daudani of Dominion Energy said.

Representatives from Dominion are monitoring what affects the storm could cause in our area, but they’re also prepared to send crews South if necessary.

"There will be calls every single day leading up to this hurricane and during this hurricane, where we will be talking to other utilities in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. And we’ll be sharing with them what our needs are, they will be sharing what their needs are with us, and then we’ll all share our resources to make sure we get power on as quickly as possible,” Daudani said.

A partnership forged ahead of the unexpected.

"That’s the one thing about the weather, it’s very unpredictable,” he said.

The Red Cross is pulling double-duty considering nearly two dozen of its crews are still in North Carolina offering relief from Florence.

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