Man gets once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with Nike

Chesterfield’s Jarrell Baskfield designed three shoes, giving the money he makes to charity

Man gets once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with Nike

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield native, Jarrell Baskfield, recenly designed three signature sneakers and is now giving all the money made from royalties to charity.

Jarrell Baskfield is an artist who has a life long passion for sneakers.

“I’ve always been passionate about shoes. When I got in high school and got my first job, I’d spend my last dime on shoes," he said.

In August, Baskfield found out he was selected by Cultivator, a brand partnering with Nike, to design a three-sneaker collection.

“It’s unbelievable to me for real,” he Baskfield, “to actually have my own collection of shoes. It is forever humbling.”

Baskfield had 10 days to design the sneakers. He says he was stuck on what direction he wanted to go with until he decided to dedicate the shoes to special causes.

“At first I was very selfish," he said. "I was like ‘let me just make something I would like wearing,’ but then I was like I can’t put a story behind that. Like, who cares about me, who cares about what I got going on ... What matters to me, what matters to other people. So I thought about things that matter to me that matters to other people.”

He designed each shoe with inspiration from the causes they’re supporting. The Bevy shoes support Black Lives matter. The Flints support the Flint Water Crisis Fund. The Red Ribbon are for Get Checked, an organization that brings awareness to HIV.

Baskfield says he wanted to use this gift to give back. All of the royalties he makes from each shoe will go the charities they’re inspired by.

“All of it is going back. I’m not getting a single dollar for this,” said Baskfield.

He says the experience is worth everything, and that is something money can buy.

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