Man uses shotgun to scare away potential burglars

Man uses shotgun to scare away potential burglars

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Church Hill homeowner says two masked men tried to break into his home early Sunday morning, but he managed to scare them away with his shotgun.

Richmond Police responded to the home in the 1200 block of North 35th Street just before 3 a.m. Sunday for suspicious activity in the area.

Josiah Ickes said he was asleep when his wife came to wake him up saying she heard knocking at the front door.

“We have a little peep hole, so we checked it, and there was a guy in a red hoodie,” Ickes said. “He was bent over quietly knocking on the door.”

Ickes said the person eventually walked away, but out of concern they called police to report their concerns.

“I went and checked all the doors and windows and then I went to the back to see if I could see anything,” Ickes said. “Through the blinds I saw two figures walking through the alley. One in a white hoodie, another in a red hoodie. Right when they started coming back, I realized something was wrong. They then jumped the fence.”

It was at that point Ickes went to grab the shotgun he has in his home.

“I loaded it, and then crouched down to peer through the blinds again,” he said. “They were walking so slowly, almost ghost-like, and walked up to the door. That’s when I knew they were going to try and bust through the back door.”

Before Ickes moved away from the door he was able to see both men were wearing bandannas over their faces, but no other features stood out.

“I backed up past the kitchen and cocked the shotgun, ” Ickes said. “They bolted. About 90 seconds later the police came because we had called them about seven minutes prior.”

Following this situation Ickes said he plans to make changes in order to keep his family, which includes two young children, safe.

“We’re getting security cameras, one for the front door, one for the back,” Ickes said. “We already have glass break alarms. We’ve somewhat prepared already, but we’re going to be more prepared.”

Anyone with information about this attempted break-in is urged to contact the Richmond Police Department (804) 646-0633.

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