Beware of public WiFi connections, official says

Beware of public WiFi connections, official says
Internet users should be mindful when using public WiFi connections. (Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Public, unprotected WiFi is a popular way to connect to the internet but it may not provide the safest connection, a computer repair service official said Friday.

Recently, a man was accused of downloading child pornography on a public WiFi connection.

Public WiFi does not offer any of the protection measures that a private network connection does.

Jim Bryant, CEO of iTechs Computers and Service, says anything can happen when people use unsecure WiFi connections that do not offer filters.

This includes using malicious sites, moving inappropriate information, and hacking into the personal information of other people who might have also used that connection.

“Think of things maybe like credit card information or banking information or even health information. Those are the kinds of things that might be vulnerable in that environment,” Bryant said.

Bryant said that most public WiFi is completely open and that users should keep in mind that they do not need to share information on these connections that they would share on a private connection like their home WiFi.

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