Woman claims bat bit her inside Richmond apartment

Woman claims bat bit her inside Richmond apartment

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Residents say they are living with rats and roaches in one Richmond apartment and claim the property manager is not doing anything about it.

Residents say they think the problem may be coming from the boarded up units.

“What else can we do about it other than live in these types of conditions," said one resident who wants to remain anonymous.

Residents of the Flats at Ginter Park are starting to lose faith. Many are complaining of horrendous living conditions. One man, who also wants to remain anonymous, says his home is overrun by roaches.

“They are just infesting everywhere, all throughout these apartments," the man said. “The rats, we have families of rats. They live around the dumpsters and everything.”

From roaches and rats to another creature.

“I woke up and my arm was hurting so I looked at my arm and the bite was to my white meat. It was blood and stuff there," said one woman, also remaining anonymous.

This woman says she had to go to the hospital because of something else inside her apartment.

“I thought a rat bit me at first but when I started googling it, I think it was a bat,” the woman said. "They gave me a tetanus shot and three sets of rabies shots and they told me to come back in three days to come back and get the rest of the rabies shots.”

“A child shouldn’t even be living in these types of conditions, a family shouldn’t be living in these types of conditions. nobody should be living in these type of conditions," the unidentified man said.

This is not the first time people in this apartment complex have reached out to NBC12. The City of Richmond took away the property from the previous owners due to building conditions.

EquiShares bought the property and the deal is in its final stages. NBC12 reached out to EquiShares and the current propery managers - both parties declined to comment until their deal is finalized.

As EquiShares gets ready to take over, these angry residents just want to live in peace.

"Your home is comfortable. Around here is not comfortable if you have to worry about insect being on this and being on that, rats coming in and out of your house. That’s not being comfortable,” the man said.

NBC12 also reached out to KCP Advisory Group, the court-appointed receiver helping broker the deal. The Group sent a statement:

"We are pleased with the outcome of last week’s hearing. We are encouraged that The Flats at Ginter Park will be under new ownership and we are optimistic that the tenants will be provided improved conditions and will continue to have improved site management.”

The spokesperson for EquiShares says the transaction should be complete sometime this week, then the new property owners can come in and make renovations and changes for the residents.

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