Local artists painting for a cause

Local artists painting for a cause

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you’re driving along the Libbie, Patterson and Grove Avenue area, you’ll several local artists painting outside, capturing the community as Autumn arrives.

“We’re going to be painting all week in various locations within a quadrant between Libbie and Cary Street," said artist Joseph Burrough.

Twenty-three different artist we’re selected by Westhampton Merchants Association to paint real life scenes of the community for charity.

“Whenever you’re painting and you’re doing it for an event where your helping to sponsor a charity, it’s wonderful,” said artist Bev Perdue.

They’re using their passion to raise money for pet cancer treatment and 10 percent of the sales from the paintings will go to “Fetch A Cure."

“We want to showcase the neighborhood and we want to help raise awareness for the neighborhood, and raise a little extra cash for WestHampton at the same time,” said Leigh Johnson, Chief Officer of Fun at WestHampton Merchant’s Association.

“I’m not a doctor - I’m a painter and this is my way of giving back,” said Perdue.

“It’s a win, win, win... the charity wins, the artist wins, and the customer who buys the painting enjoys it the rest of their lives,” said Burrough.

The artists will be painting from Tuesday, Sept. 25 through Friday, Sept. 28.

Completed art will be displayed and sold at Party on the Avenues on Sunday, Sept. 30.