Parrot returns home after being found in neighbor’s yard

Chesterfield family looking for missing parrot

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The parrot that flew the coop in Chesterfield has returned home.

After a neighbor saw the Kang family’s story on NBC after losing their pet parrot, Jugnu, they found the parrot in their back yard and called the family.

Jugnu finally made it back home late Wednesday morning.

The Kang family spent hours outside their Chesterfield home communicating with their pet parrot Jugnu from a 50-foot tree in their back yard on Tuesday.

They could hear and see him, but the problem for the Kang family is catching their parrot who flew the coop Sunday.

“He’s an indoor bird. He’s been with us for about three years now. He’s very friendly,” said Harpreet Kang.

But Jugnu is even more difficult to catch. Harpreet said they tried everything from bringing out his favorite foods.

“We used all the names used for him and called him,” said Kang.

They even brought out his bird cage, but nothing would bring this parrot down from his perch.

The family tells me Chesterfield Fire and most tree companies couldn’t get their bucket trucks to the tree because there wasn’t enough access to their back yard.

So they called 12 On Your Side and we were there as one tree company tried to rescue Jugnu.

Leigh Singleton with Wood Chuckers Tree Service first tried shaking the tree, but Jugnu wouldn’t budge.

Then they tried cutting and guiding the tree down with ropes.

“Since it had been in the tree for a few days, it didn’t have enough energy to fly very far. Maybe it would just fly to the ground, but that was not the case,” said Singleton.

Once the tree was lowered Jugnu he took off.

The family spotted their lost parrot in a neighbor’s tree, but as they tried to raise food to him using a pole, the parrot flew away again, but this time he couldn’t be found.

As the Kang’s enter day four of Jugnu being away from home, they’re pleading for neighbors in the Tarrington neighborhood to help find and bring Jugnu home.

"We’re going to be on a search probably all over the neighborhood the next few days,” said Kang. “I am just keeping my fingers crossed and keeping him in my prayers and I hope somebody spots him.”

The Kang’s said Jugnu will respond with ‘hi," if you try to speak with him.

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