Neighbors concerned over dozens of missing cats

Neighbors concerned over dozens of missing cats

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Brandermill community is on edge, worried about dozens of missing indoor/outdoor cats in the area.

“It seems from late July to mid-September, cats from nine different neighborhoods in Brandermill have gone missing. There may be more pets that were not reported or may have been reported via other Facebook pages or venues,” the Brandermill Pets Lost & Found page wrote on Facebook.

Some say they are worried the cats are being attacked by some sort of wildlife, possibly coyotes. One woman said two of her cats recently went missing, but one came home with what a veterinarian believes are puncture wounds on her hind legs.

“If it’s coyotes, we have bigger issues," said Dianna Waters. "If they are coming into our yards and taking animals, then somebody needs to come in and do something.”

Waters said her 18-year-old cat Lucas simply didn’t come home one day. She said realizing the senior was gone, soon led her to social media, where several other neighbors in the Brandermill area, had similar stories of pets who don’t usually wander too far from home, just disappearing.

“They started showing up - almost everyday there was a cat missing," said Waters. "We are missing 22 plus cats. That’s just the ones that are on social media.”

A map posted on the Nextdoor app shows the 14 cats have gone missing in the community since September 8. Waters said she has even gone searching in wooded areas, looking for a clue in the cats disappearances but has not found anything.

“It’s strange that all of these are pets, and if it’s coyotes, why aren’t they eating the feral cats everywhere? We have feral cats being fed all over the neighborhood," said Waters. “I just want to know what’s happening to them, what’s going on, if something is eating them or someone’s stealing them,” she said.

Chesterfield Police said they are aware of reports of missing and injured animals in Brandermill, and encourage anyone who has lost or found a pet to submit a missing pet report to the shelter.

Waters said they have also contacted the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries to look into the possibility of wildlife preying on the cats.

“It’s kind a mystery I would like to have solved," she said.

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