VUU students displaced after mold outbreak

VUU students displaced after mold outbreak

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Virginia Union University students are upset and confused after the school forced dozens of students out of their dorm rooms because of an outbreak of mold.

As the university works to find alternative housing for the students affected, many parents said their kids still don’t have a safe place to stay.

Amaya McDaniel describes the ordeal she and dozens of other freshman in MacVicar Hall experienced as VUU gave the notice to leave their dorms late Wednesday night

“I’m paying to live in unsuitable conditions,” said the 18-year-old. “Basically, there has been a mold outbreak in our building”

But don’t just take her word for it, the proof is in the pictures.

Black mold growing on the doorway of dorm in MacVicar Hall
Black mold growing on the doorway of dorm in MacVicar Hall (Source: VUU Student)

Black mold can be seen caking the surface of the walls and doorways of the all female building.

“We pay a lot of money to go to school here and it’s unacceptable to be breathing in black mold,” said a frustrated McDaniel.

In response, the university took to Facebook in a video telling concerned parents that students would be notified to leave the dorms in phases.

They added that the mold was the result of rain from Hurricane Florence and Monday’s tornadoes, but students like McDaniel said that MacVicar Hall and other buildings on campus have had issues with mold since the fall 2018 semester started.

“They keep trying to blame it on the hurricane, but these problems were happening way before this storm even came,” said McDaniel.

Many parents not satisfied with the response, sounded off on VUU’s Facebook video in the comment section.

I caught up with one of those parents over the phone who said that VUU has not been clear as to when all the students would be relocated.

“I mean there is still mold tonight, right? There was mold yesterday. There’s mold the next day," said Sherif Lopez. “We’re talking about trust issues. Do you think she trusts that university? Do I trust that university?”

The University released the following statement on Friday:

On Thursday evening, Virginia Union University closed MacVicar Hall and moved the remaining 62 students to temporary off-campus housing. We are working with professionals to evaluate the environmental conditions within the residence hall and to provide restoration services.

In the meantime, students like McDaniel who have no other place to go will have to wait their turn to be relieved of the black mold.

The University has launched an online maintenance request on the student portal which will allow VUU facilities to address concerns and accelerate necessary repairs.

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