Trees, power lines litter Chesterfield roads following tornadoes

Residents now in clean-up mode

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Residents along Beach Road in Chesterfield are now in clean-up mode after downed trees and power lines litter the road.

“We just went and got in the closet and that’s when all the trees just started snapping and going.” Jim Roe said.

Our crews spent the evening with Jim Roe. His house sits about a quarter of a mile off the main road. Jim, his wife and two other people were trapped inside after the powerful storm snapped trees bringing them tumbling down across their driveway.

"It started when we were watching Jim Duncan on the news. It started as a rain event just like they said it would be wrapped in rain. The biggest thing it sounded just like a freight train. You hear it and don't believe it but I’m telling you it sounded just like a freight train." Roe said.

Behind Roe’s home there are trees down in all directions. While we were talking another tree crashed and hit the ground.

Roe says protecting his family was the only thing going through his mind.

“I hope it doesn't hit the house. I hope the roof doesn't lift or things like that." Roe said. A few miles down the road on Heidi Court, a tree slammed on the side of one house.

The damage so bad that you can see directly into the upstairs bathroom. Neighbors tell me off camera the home sits vacant but there were two men inside doing renovations. They weren’t injured.

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