Paying it forward ahead of a Hurricane

WWBT - Acts of Kindness - Hurricane prep

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Whether you want it by the gallon or the case, water is one of the must-haves when preparing for a storm.

The Kroger on Midlothian Turnpike looks similar to a lot of grocery stores throughout the commonwealth - shelves are a bit empty from people grabbing supplies, and employees are working hard to replenish the shelves.

So NBC12′s Anthony Antoine decided to pay it forward ahead of the storm.

“Is it ok if I pay for your groceries?” he asked Katie Hendrick from Midlothian.

“Yes absolutely," she said.

Then, he learned that she’s in a bit of a pickle.

“My son is supposed to have his birthday party outside this weekend,” said Hendrick.

Hurricane Florence is trying to stop her 6 year old’s flow, but like any creative mom, she’s adjusting - getting the essentials to hunker down for the storm but also some cake mix, just in case.

But she's also thinking about her parents who are evacuating North Carolina.

“They were on vacation meeting friends they grew up with; they go somewhere every year,” she said. "This year, they went to Nags head, and of course, the Hurricane is coming.”

With all of that stress on her mind, Anthony was happy to help out.

He also picked up the tab for Scott Rogers, who was on a mission to get all the essential for his two kids. He grabbed water, milk, canned goods and even some lunchables. Since he went through Hurricane Isabelle a few years ago, he’s learned a thing or two.

“Take zip lock bag, fill them with water freeze them so that way you have ice packs for a cooler if power goes out. Batteries, just in case you have to go a couple days without power, whatever you can grab.”

Lastly, Anthony caught up with Carol Foster from Powhatan at the checkout aisle.

“I had to get water,” she said. "Grandkids are staying with me, so we have a generator to keep our generator going. I don’t know if we’ll be able to nuke these things, but we got milk.”

Then Anthony delivered the good news:

  • "We would like to pay for your groceries as you get ready?”
  • “Oh no, you’re kidding.” 
  • “No, I’m so serious.” 
  • "That's so sweet." 
  • "Aww, don’t cry”
  • “That's very sweet” 

As we emptied out the cart, Anthony learned that, just like Scott Rogers, this wasn’t her first go round. She too experienced Isabel.

“It was terrible; we lost power for a week,” said Foster. “Everybody ran out of water.”

And with her daughter, plus three grandchildren staying with her this year, picking up her grocery tab was a major help.

“I just think it’s wonderful! Groceries are expensive these day; we’ve been feeding a lot more people,” she said. "I want to thank you so very much.”

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