Henrico drivers have concerns over rusting train trestle

By Andy Jenks - bio | email

Posted by Colby Rogers

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A train trestle that crosses Darbytown Road that appears to be crumbling has drivers concerned in Henrico County.

The trestle is old and rusted. It has cracks and holes, and even appears to be separating from the stone base in some places.

Katrina Key, who lives in the area and drives under the trestle every morning says the bridge has been in this state for a couple of years now.

"It's gotten to the point whereas things break off the bridge," Key said. "People lift whatever metal pieces come up and throw them to the side so they can travel through the tunnel."

Key says she's seen the bolts on the massive beams that appear to be coming loose. She says it's surprising that the bridge's condition isn't a bigger issue.

"It's crumbling, it's coming apart really badly," Key said, "and there are lots of school buses, GRTC buses - hundreds of people going through it every day."

The beams in question do not appear to be directly supporting the train tracks, but Key says she still envisions the worst-case scenario.

"That bridge collapsing with people underneath it - I hope we never get to see that," Key said.

Henrico County is responsible for the road going under the bridge, but says train transportation company CSX is responsible for the trestle.

Messages left with three different CSX representatives, did not reveal any immediate insight into the situation or the safety concerns.

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