Henrico Woman Battles Tax Problem

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - People in Henrico are getting tax bills from the state that are nearly 5 years old.

Copeland Casati received a series of tax bill that totaled about $100. She decided to fight the charges. But for many people in her situation, the fight may not be worth it. Copeland Casati doesn't have time to deal with mistakes, so she works hard to do everything correct the first time.

"I really am a meticulous bookkeeper." said Casati

So when she received this tax bill for a charge dated back to 2005 for 10 dollars, she thought something was up. then she got two more. With fees-the charges jumped to more than 100 dollars. She then knew something was wrong.

"You're telling me I owe you the money, but you can't tell me where i missed the payment or for what? is this how you're getting money in the recession?"

Casati pulled out her files from 2005, trying to find the error. she couldn't find it and she claims the department of taxation couldn't either. that made her decide to fight the charges.

But the problem in situations like these is that the same people who sent you the bill are the same ones you file your complaint with.

Her accountant Cheryl Greenday fears she doesn't have many options.

"They don't give you the opportunity to fix it, It as if they are correct in the situation, it doesn't matter if you can approve otherwise, if their system says your behind, than that is all that matters."

Leaving many small business owners in Casati's situation to just pay the money, to escape dealing with the hassle, even if they are convinced they are right.

The department of taxation's policy not to comment on individual cases before them but we know copeland has 30 days to pay the bill.

If not, the tax department can withhold future refunds from her or take the cash from her existing bank accounts.

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