Man who posted resume in paper nets new job

By Andy Jenks - bio | email

Posted by Colby Rogers

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A local man who posted his entire resume in the Sunday classifieds has seen his gamble pay off in a big way.

James Kimble, who was laid off microchip manufacturer Qimonda decided to shut down, now has a new job repairing industrial floor cleaners at Caliber Equipment in Ashland.

"I was really surprised when they contacted me, and told me with my experience, that they thought I would work out well with this," Kimble said.

Kimble said he placed the ad because he was hoping to get noticed in the tough economy.

Steve Baker of Caliber Equipment says he saw an opportunity.

"That evening I was watching your news report, and you had indicated that it was actually going to be in the next day's paper," Baker said, "So I was right on that next day's paper."

Kimble said he got a phone call, then an interview and then, finally, a test.

Kimble said Baker told him he had some equipment that needed repairing, offered Kimble the manual and then left. Three hours later, Kimble said he had seven working machines.

"He said, 'Meet me in my office.' I was thinking, 'I've only been here three hours and I'm already in trouble,'" Kimble said. "And so he called me in and said he's seen enough, didn't want to waste my whole day off and he made me an offer."

In the toughest economy in decades, James Kimble says his job search lasted just two weeks.

"He showed an initiative that made it easy for us to find him and we were able to act on it quickly," Baker said. "I'm just glad I got there first."

Kimble will start his new job in about two weeks.

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