Renters displaced after 24 apartments destroyed in blaze

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

Posted by Colby Rogers

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - More than 50 people in a Richmond apartment complex lost nearly all their possessions in a late night fire Sunday. Nobody was killed in the blaze.

All 24 apartment units in a building at the Rock Creek Apartments were completely destroyed by the blaze, which took firefighters more than two hours to control.

Firefighters have determined that the fire originated in the kitchen of one of the units. The building was not equipped with sprinklers.

Fire officials say the building was still up to code because of its age.

"When I came out in the hallway, it was black smoke," said resident Tracey Trueheart. "So smoky you couldn't find your way out and the whole front of the building was on fire."

Adam Juarez watched as the building containing his possessions burned. He says he is thankful for his life, but that starting over will be tough.

"We are working hard right here and, you know, we lost everything in minutes," Juarez said. "It's very difficult for everybody. I know everybody had a lot of things inside, especially for myself."

Officials recommend checking to see if an apartment has working sprinklers and smoke detectors, and that renters should consider purchasing renter's insurance.

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