ATV accident leaves driver dead

By: Beth Danziger - bio | email

HENRICO, VA (NBC12) - As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, more and more people are starting to bring out their four wheelers and ATVs.

But a warning from police.

Last night a Henrico man died after being thrown from one on his own property.

Charles "Brian" Hresan was just 27-years-old.

His family says he had been riding ATV's since he was six.

They're calling his death a tragic accident one they and police hope others will learn from.

"It's really sad it's really hard to believe," said family friend Cynthia White.

White can't believe her close neighbor is gone.

"He always did like to enjoy himself I think this time it was just to much," she said.

According family members, Hresan was riding his ATV along this driveway on the side of his home.

Around 10:00 Friday night he lost his shoe and rode back to get it.

It was then that he lost control of the four-wheeler, was ejected, and hit a tree, crushing his chest.

He died later at VCU Medical Center.

"It's sad to hear that we hear that every once in a while it's just sad to hear," said Sprockets Honda Sports manager Cain Knight.

Knight says when it comes to these all-terrain vehicles, protective gear is key.

"You cut corners here and there but helmets chest protectors you trust your life with those things," he said.

No matter the cost.

These child-sized body protectors can cost around $100.

And a helmet can go as high $750.

"Is your head worth $50 or is worth $750," he said. "Everything in here needs to be treated with respect the moment your not scared is the minute it will hurt you."

For the Hresan family and their friends, they hope others look to his death and learn from it and they know no matter what, Brian's doing something he loved.

"He was just full of life and he lived life to the fullest he didn't lose anything I don't think," said White.

The Henrico Police crash team is still investigating the accident.

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