Richmond says residents required to clear sidewalks

Posted by Colby Rogers - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Richmond metro area continues to deal with the aftermath of the storm and many city sidewalks are still a mess right now.

In Richmond, it's up to property and homeowners to clear their sidewalks.  City code mandates that it be done within 6 hours after a winter storm comes to an end. In the case of an overnight storm, by 11 a.m. the city says sidewalks need to be cleared by the following morning.

Failure to clean up sidewalks in the designated amount of time can result in a class four misdemeanor and the possibility of a $250 fine.

This may be news to some residents, but not Church Hill Association member, John Whitworth.

Whitworth says that there are certain areas around the city where they sun has not reached to clear the ice, making for dangerous conditions.

"I think you are liable and that's why we encourage everyone," Whitworth said. "We send a message out to everyone to remind them each year."

Whitworth says he has put down salt on the sidewalk in front of his house to help prevent slips. Under city code, homeowners that have not cleared the sidewalk in front of their houses are held liable for any injuries to pedestrians.

Residents can report properties with uncleared sidewalks by calling the city's hotline at 311.

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