Drivers facing frozen vehicles following winter storm

Posted by Colby Rogers - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Following Monday night's record freezing temperatures, many drivers awoke to find their previously snow-covered vehicle was now encased in ice.

That meant frozen doors, handles, locks and even dead batteries, making for a rough start to the work week.

That meant big problems this morning with frozen doors, handles and even dead batteries making for a rough start to the work week.

Church Hill resident Brett Baker said the icy conditions made it a challenge to prepare his car this morning. Baker, like many Richmond residents, couldn't make it to work in Monday's storm. He says he had no choice but to brave the roads Tuesday.

"I was actually making sure they started," Baker said. "My wife's car is across the street, so I came out to start both of them. They did start, but my door handle was iced shut."

Anytime weather conditions get this bad, AAA says they get a spike in calls from drivers who are unable to get into their cars, have dead batteries, or other weather-related calls. AAA Spokeswoman Martha Meade says they've received more than 152 calls from drivers needing help in the Richmond area.

Meade said having the right tools handy is half the battle and recommends starting with a brush and a scraper to remove the ice and snow from a vehicle.

"It can be very dangerous. It can blow off and hit people behind you," Meade said, "or as your car warms off, that snow melts. You put on the brakes and all that snow comes forward and can blind you."

Meade said to make sure to have deicer handy - stored somewhere at home, not in the car. This can be used to deice frozen locks. Meade cautioned against using hot water to deice frozen car locks, as this can refreeze quickly.

Meade also urged drivers to check their batteries to make sure they have a good charge  She also recommended that drivers keep an  emergency kit filled with car essentials.

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