Former Qimonda workers won't get last paychecks

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Another blow to many laid off Qimonda workers. Their last paychecks didn't make it to their bank accounts and won't.

The company confirmed it sent out letters to those affected informing them that final paychecks as well as any accrued paid and unpaid time off will not be paid out.

That's a huge chunk of change many were counting on including Carlton Green. He just bought a laptop for his job search thinking money owed to him by Qimonda would help cushion the blow to his wallet. That was until a networking web site exploded with the latest Qimonda chatter.

"You start seeing all these blogs, money's not there no PTO no final payouts" said Green.

The company letter states the bankruptcy court did not grant Qimonda authorization to make any payments to inactive employees. That impacts nearly a thousand workers who left the plant in the last two weeks.

"My last paycheck if everything was in there would have been 25 hundred dollars," Green said.

That's on top of a 15 thousand dollar severance package Green also didn't get. He's part of a civil lawsuit to try to recoup that money.

One local bankruptcy attorney says in general, former employees of a company that's filed bankruptcy become priority claims for wages over unsecured creditors.

That means they have first dibs over vendors for example on any money should the company liquidate. But they're not above secured creditors like banks which have liens against assets.

Green says he's doing everything he can now to stay afloat, even putting his house on the market.

"I feel sorry for the people that still have to work at Qimonda because if they quit now they can't draw on unemployment," said Green.

The attorney we spoke with, who hasn't seen the Qimonda bankruptcy case, says it's hard to say if the workers would ever see their money.

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