Facebook users can vote on site policy changes

Posted by Terry Alexander

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Facebook, whose user base could form the world's sixth-largest country behind Brazil, is trying its hand at democracy.

The fast-growing online hangout, which boasts more than 175 million users worldwide, said Thursday users will play a "meaningful role" in deciding the site's policies and can vote on changes.

This comes after Facebook was flooded with outraged users, protesting changes in the site's terms of use. The uproar began after bloggers said Facebook can seemingly "do anything" it wants with users' content, even after users cancel their accounts. After a week and tens of thousands of complaints, Facebook reverted to its previous "terms of use policies".

The social networking site has posted a statement of rights and responsibilities, which will replace the existing terms of use. You can find it on their site and put in you two-cents worth. The company promises to go along with whatever their customers decide.

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