February 26: Restaurant Report

Richmond, VA (NBC 12) - From Henrico to Colonial Heights, 24 critical violations in tonight's Restaurant Report. We begin in Richmond.

Topping tonight's critical list, New York Fried Chicken (3000 Meadowbridge Road) with 5 critical violations. An inspector found various foods, including mashed potatoes & ribs, that weren't heated sufficiently to eliminate the growth of bacteria.

Moving on to Henrico and Eastern Buffet (7586 West Broad Street) with 6 critical, including raw chicken stored above shrimp.

In Colonial Heights, Sagebrush Steakhouse & Saloon (204 Southgate Square) also makes the list with 4 critical violations. An inspector observed improper hand washing procedures and a cook who handled ready-to-eat chicken with his bare hands.

Next, Lucky Garden (102 E. Atlantic Street) in Emporia with 5 critical. Food employees were found working with soiled hands & arms.

And finally, in Hanover, Gino's Pizza (13234 Hanover Courthouse Road) with 4 critical violations, including cooked chicken stored improperly.

And now for the good news, this week's hall of fame award goes to the Heilman Dining Center at the University of Richmond for a perfect inspection January 30th!