Possible roadblock to safety in Short Pump

By Andy Jenks - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO. VA (WWBT) - A terrifying car accident prompted a Henrico woman to speak out about what she believes is holding back business and safety in the Short Pump area.

With new homes going up, it's a good bet that people will eventually try to cross all lanes of West Broad in order to get to the big box stores across the street. But that's a very dangerous proposition.

On Valentines day, a 14 year old boy tried to get from one side of West Broad Street to the other, but it was too late, for another driver to notice.

"The boy just ran in front of him. I'm sure he thought he was going to make it and didn't make it," said resident Mia White.

The boy was hurt badly. And the questions began. Why are there no crosswalks in an area with an increasing amount of retail and dining options?

"They're building all the apartments that are going up. There's people that are going to be walking. It's inevitable that people are gonna wanna get across the street," said White.

Jurisdiction over West Broad, falls to VDOT, which says crosswalks elsewhere in the county, are not currently being considered in Short Pump.

"Some areas of Broad Street we have traffic counts that are comparable to interstate highways. So it's a lot of traffic and it would have to be something that we know our citizens are interested in." said VDOT spokesperson Taya Jarman.

Citizens would have to petition VDOT for a study, and if it were to be approved, then VDOT would have to obtain funding, which these days, is hard to find. Plus, there's the negative impact of longer lights on traffic.

It would take months to get a system of timed crosswalks installed. But VDOT would commission a study, if, anyone requests it. That can be done by contacting a VDOT office.

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