Worker abducted and robbed outside coliseum

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - What should have been a fun evening at the circus turned violent Friday night for one coliseum worker.

The temporary employee was taking a break outside when he was approached by a man asking for help moving something out of his nearby van.

The worker went to help but that man and another woman inside had a different agenda.

"At that point, that person pointed an object into his back and told him to get into the van and lay on the floor," said Richmond Police Lt. Timothy Morley.

The victim spent a few scary minutes inside the suspects' van before he managed to escape in the Carrington area of the city.

About one mile away from the coliseum.

"He got out of the van and fled from the suspects," said Lt. Morley. "At that point the suspects took off. He (the worker) was uninjured, but he was robbed."

Priscilla Parham works for Tri-cities Concession Stand.

She travels around to different events in the Richmond area selling concession fare. A mainly cash business.

She says to stay safe she and the other vendors set up so they can always see and watch out for each other.

"We have a vehicle that's sitting around here," she said. "We have certain ones sitting around here that just watch out for us, so they would know if we were getting ready to be attacked"

Lt. Morley say Parham has the right idea.

Travelling in groups is a great way to stay safe.

He also says to park and walk in well lit areas, keep any valuables hidden away, and be alert.

"Be suspicious if somebody approaches you and asks you to help them with something or ask you for a cigarette or a light or something like that you know you have to have your guard up," he said . "We hope that people are going to come down here and have a good time and enjoy the circus or any other event that they are having down here, but just use some good common sense."

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