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Good evening,
     It's official, Virginia Commonwealth University has announced its new president. Dr. Michael Rao was just named by the school. Tara Morgan was there for the announcement and was able to speak to Dr. Rao. Look for her live report from the VCU campus tonight at 11 on NBC12.
     There may soon be a new way to track convicted drunk drivers. A bill is close to becoming law here in Virginia that would require those with a DUI conviction to install a device in their car. The device basically gives the person a breathalizer test before they can start their car. Ryan Nobles breaks down how it works and why it could be law by summer.
     Meteorologist Jim Duncan is tracking cold temperatures into the night, as well our chance for rain this weekend. Get his full forecast including the 7-day breakdown at 11.
     And finally, the homecoming queen for George Mason University is raising eyebrows tonight because "she" is actually a "he". It's a story you need to see to believe.
     We hope to see you tonight at 11 on NBC12.

--Sabrina Squire