"Unusually high" rate of inoperative vehicles in Petersburg

By Nicole Bell - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Petersburg police are seeing an unusually high number of inoperative vehicles throughout the city.

The problem has prompted the department to issue an alert about the possible consequences of having a non-functioning vehicle in plain sight.

If your vehicle is not capable of starting and moving under its own power or if it doesn't have valid plates and inspection stickers, it's considered inoperative.

"In the city, throughout the city, it's not just in one location we do have a problem of inoperative vehicles," said Petersburg Police Sergeant Sheldon Wills.

Some of the vehicles are on the street, many are on private property. If it's plain sight you're in violation of a city code.

"It needs to be stored either in an completely enclosed fence (or) it has to be a privacy fence where it can't be seen to the public," said Wills.

Warning notices were put on the vehicles of some violators Thursday.

If the vehicle is not brought into compliance within a certain time period it could be towed and stored at the owners expense. If the owner does not pay, the vehicle could ultimately end up at a salvage yard.

"Bottom line is we want to clean up the city. We want residents to understand that we're doing our best to help bring folks into the city," said Wills.

If you see an inoperative vehicle you can file a confidential report by calling Petersburg police at 732-4222.

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