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Good evening everyone,

If you're online updating your Facebook page -- a warning tonight.  Do you know who owns the pictures and material your posting? Tara Morgan is talking to some local college students who are shocked to find out what the social networking site can now do with your page.

And have you been thinking about car shopping after getting your IRS refund check?  Over the past few months we've been hearing a lot about an auto bailout package.  Laura Geller is checking in with a local dealer to see how what kind of impact it's had on business and the deals that out there right now.

And if you missed it live tonight during 12 News at 6, we'll show you the circus animals that marched through downtown Richmond.

Meteorologist Jim Duncan will also have your updated forecast. Tracy Lynn will also tell you what you need to know about some big changes coming to Route 288 tomorrow.

We'll look for you tonight after Medium.

-Sabrina Squire