12 Viewpoint: Don Richards on youth obesity

By Don Richards, NBC12 General Manager and Vice President

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Youth Obesity Coalition of Richmond is hosting a conference this week called "Save Our Kids." Local community groups, businesses, educators and national experts will meet to discuss ideas and solutions in the important fight against childhood obesity.

Once successful program already in motion is called the "Fit for Life Challenge."

The Richmond Sports Backers, a local non-profit group devoted to youth fitness has teamed up with numerous public and private elementary schools to encourage kids to stay fit through running. In fact, nearly 5,000 students in the greater Richmond area are participating in the 10-week program.

The Fit for Life Challenge encourages students to run during recess or after school. Each student has a goal of running a total of 26 miles over the 10 weeks. There are prizes and incentives for each student as they reach their weekly goals during the program.

Students are also provided training tips and healthy lifestyle suggestions.

The Save Our Kids conference and the Fit for Life Challenge are two great examples of how our schools and community groups can work together to create a healthier future for our children.

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