Watkins Centre development in Powhatan County

Route 288 south (Powhatan) - The ramps from Route 288 south to Route 60 (Midlothian

Turnpike) will open at approximately 3 p.m. on Tuesday, February 17. Route 288

southbound motorists who typically take the Route 60 (Midlothian Turnpike) exit will

have to pay close attention to the new traffic patterns.

Route 288 south motorists wanting to access:

- Watkins Centre Parkway and/or the Village Bank (on Otterdale Road) will

take the (new) first exit ramp and follow the roundabouts to cross over Midlothian

Turnpike to access the Village Bank. Route 288 south motorists are currently allowed to make a left turn on to

Otterdale Road. However, starting Tuesday, there will be a concrete barrier restricting motorists from making left turns on

to Otterdale Road.

- Midlothian Turnpike west and points west of Otterdale Road will take the

second exit ramp as it currently exists and follow the existing traffic pattern.

- Otterdale Road will take the third exit ramp.

Message boards will be in place to direct motorists.