February 12: Restaurant Report

Richmond, VA (NBC 12) - 23 critical violations in tonight's Restaurant Report.  We start with a Hopewell institution, whose new owner is working hard to fix a few issues left over from years gone by.

It's called Hopewell Quick Lunch, but for many, time stands still in these 83 year old booths.

"We have customers that have been coming here for 60, 70 years," says Mary Sue Krout.

Krout was a customer for most of her life until she decided to buy the breakfast and lunch spot last year, making it a family affair.  But along with the famous chili dog recipe and loyal customer base, Krout also inherited a few problems.  On a recent inspection, the restaurant was cited for 7 critical violations.  From a missing menu disclosure for the sunny-side up eggs, to a blocked sink in the kitchen, Krout says all of the problems have been fixed.

"You make mistakes, you learn and that's how you grow," says Krout.

A helpful reminder, Krout says, that will only help in her quest to preserve a Hopewell dining tradition for many years to come.

"It's nostalgic and it's a great place.  I want to preserve it for future generations," says Krout.

Also on tonight's critical list, Sportspage Bar & Grill (14245 Midlothian Turnpike) in Midlothian with 4 critical violations.  A cook was observed handling salad items with bare hands.

Moving on to Henrico, Full Kee Restaurant (6400 Horsepen Road) with 4 critical.  An inspector cited employees for not washing their hands after handling mops and dirty dishes.

Also in Henrico, McDonald's (8210 Brook Road) with 4 critical, including black residue found on the inside of an ice machine.

And finally tonight, Johnny Rocket's (11680 West Broad Street) at Short Pump with 4 critical.  An inspector observed a cook touch a raw hamburger pattie, then a cooked burger with the same gloved hand.

And now for the good news.  This week's Hall of Fame Award goes to: Birkdale Golf Club (8511 Royal Birkdale) in Chesterfield for a perfect inspection January 14th!