Dogs rescued from puppy mill now at Richmond SPCA

By Laura Geller - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Richmond SPCA is helping rescue twenty four animals from a puppy mill in Wayne County North Carolina.

The dogs are being nursed back to health at the agency's humane center on Richmond's northside. The pets are now getting the best care the organization can provide.

"These are dogs that have never run in the grass, have never laid on a bed, have never sat on the couch and watch TV with you and you can give them that for the first time in their lives," said SPCA CEO Robin Starr.

Now the SPCA is getting the dogs ready to become pets. That work is not without challenges.

"They have lots of grooming needs. They haven't gotten very good care. They've been in very, very poor circumstances, exposed to bad weather conditions and they frequently have a lot of matting," said Starr.

The dogs will also need medical and dental services to recover from the horrible abuse they suffered.

These dogs are a little different when it comes to puppy mill animals. They're ok with human contact and that makes the SPCA's job a little easier.

"The veterinary medical issues are often times easier to address than the behavioral issues are. We can get on top of the veterinary needs, given time and the right kinds of medication and treatment," Starr said.

And once their conditions have improved they'll move on to happier homes.

"Lots of folks love pure bred dogs and lots of folks love small dogs and if they take one of these they get all that and they also get to know that they have saved a life," Starr said.

The dogs that are in better condition will be ready for adoption in just a couple weeks. The SPCA says it could take a few months to rehabilitate some of the others.

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