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Good evening, we have a preview of stories we're working on for 12 News at 11, tonight.

Tara Morgan is in Henrico county, following a frightening story. Police say a man, pretending to be a police officer, pulled a female driver over near Patterson Avenue and Parham Road during rush hour. Tara will have a closer look at this case as well as what you should do if you're not sure the person pulling you over is a real officer or not.

The Richmond SPCA is jumping in to help nearly 300 dogs rescued from a puppy mill. Laura Geller is at the shelter right now, talking with the SPCA and getting a first look at the dogs. She'll show us what's being done to nurse them back to health.

And Meteorologist Jim Duncan is working on his weekend forecast. He'll let you know if there is any rain in the forecast and just how much of a cool down we can expect in the next few days.

We hope you join us tonight at 11, after an all new "Dateline".

Gene Cox