VSU investigates alleged hazing incident

By Laura Geller - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Virginia State University campus police are investigating an alleged hazing incident that involved members of the school's chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity.

One student, a junior at VSU, has been hospitalized after undergoing surgery for serious injuries.

VSU has suspended all the fraternity's activities pending the outcome of the investigation. Few details of Tuesday's incident have been released.

Virginia State University say their stance on hazing is clear.

"We're appalled that an incident such as this still happens during this day and time," said Directory of University Relations Tom Reed. "We strongly condemn any kind of hazing, whether it would be physical, emotional or psychological. "The people that were involved in this know that this was not acceptable behavior on behalf of Virginia State University."

The incident happened somewhere outside the campus grounds, so law enforcement is trying to figure out which police department has jurisdiction. Whatever the case, the University says they'll cooperate fully.

If the investigation reveals a hazing incident the penalties for the students can range from suspension, to being permanently expelled from the University.

The national executive director of Phi Beta Sigma, Inc. says the organization has no comment at this time. The VSU fraternity house's website has anti-hazing policy document that every potential member and brother must sign.

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