February 5: Restaurant Report

Richmond, VA (NBC 12) - From soul food to a breakfast institution, 30 critical violations in tonight's Restaurant Report. We begin in Chester.

Topping tonight's critical list, Great Taste Buffet (12108 Burmuda Crossroads Lane) in Chester with 8 critical violations.  Among them, an employee who failed to wash potentially contaminated hands.

Moving on to Midlothian and I-Hop (12321 Chatanooga Plaza) with 4 critical. An inspector found sausage & pancake batter left out at room temperature.

Henrico's Sheraton Richmond West (6624 West Broad Street) also makes the list with 8 critical violations, including drink pitchers, serving utensils & other kitchen equipment in need of cleaning.

Staying in Henrico, Max & Erma's (6623 West Broad Street) with 6 critical.  Among them, improper hand washing observed among two employees.

And finally tonight in Richmond, Ann's Soul Food (216 East Broad Street) with 4 critical violations. Sausage, hamburger & pork chops were all found stored over ready-to-eat foods.

And now for tonight's Hall of Fame.  Our award goes to Dominos Pizza (10403 Leadbetter Road) in Ashland for a perfect inspection January 5th!