Hanover School Board to cut 117 positions

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - The Hanover School Board approved a plan that includes the elimination of 117 positions, and even though the budget process may be over, the cuts may be just beginning.

It may just seem like a number on the bottom line of a balance sheet, but for Hanover Schools, cutting 15 million dollars from their budget could mean the undoing of progress, that took years to build.

"But some of the programs that we are looking at are programs which have been built over many many years, including some that have been over the decades," said Stewart Robinson, Hanover County School Superintendent.

Programs like the one Vicky Shaw's daughter took advantage of. It taught her from an early age, how to play a complicated string instrument. Vicky believes funding for the program, that did so much for her daughter, should stay. But she knows things are tough.

"I know that cuts have to be made,and they have to be made in certain areas, but I think they need to look at the whole picture," said Shaw.

School officials claim they have. Dissecting every aspect of the near 206 million dollar budget to find areas to slice out 15 million bucks.

They plan to eliminate big purchases like school buses to the tune of four and half million, cut 117 positions worth close to seven million dollars and reign in special programs and technology upgrades.

The big problem Hanover schools officials face is that they aren't sure the worst is behind them.

The General Assembly and Governor Kaine have not come to a final agreement on just how much money will be available for schools and considering the state of the economy, there is a good chance even more cuts will have to be made.

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