More motorists stopping for school buses in Hopewell

By Nicole Bell - bio | email

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - The Hopewell school system doesn't only have cameras on the inside of each school bus, it also has cameras mounted on the exterior of each bus.

Since those exterior cameras were installed, school bus drivers say more motorists are following the rules.

When a school buses stop sign pops out and those lights start flashing, motorists are supposed to stop. But many drivers keep going.

"A lot of motorists don't pay attention some of them are on their cell phones," said Bus Driver Jennifer South.

She says since exterior surveillance cameras were installed on school buses in Hopewell, she's seen a sharp decrease in the number of people who ignore the warning signs.

The exterior cameras can capture a crystal clear image of motorists breaking the law.

"We can actually get a photo or video image of them running our stop sign. We get a look at the license plate and sometime of the individual themselves," said Transportation Manager Darin Marcy.

That information is then turned over to police. It's a crime that could cost you money and your freedom.

"Anywhere from a misdemeanor for passing a stopped school bus to reckless driving," said Bracy. "It's serious because kids have been killed because people ignore the stop signs."

The transportation manager says the most dangerous part of a school bus ride is when kids are either entering or exiting the bus.

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