January 29: Restaurant Report

Richmond, VA (NBC 12) - 23 critical violations in tonight's Restaurant Report.  But, before we get to that, we go inside Iron Chef Asian Bistro.  The Powhatan restaurant made our critical list a few weeks back, much to the upset of its owner who says his kitchen is as clean as they come.

Already the owner of the successful Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill in Chesterfield, Chin Jar decided last year to start a new venture: Iron Chef Asian Bistro (3452 Anderson Highway) in Powhatan.

Offering traditional chinese favorites cooked to order, Jar says, so far, business has been promising, "Everywhere is slow, but we're still okay...until."

That is, until, Iron Chef showed up on the critical list.  A health inspector cited the restaurant for 4 critical violations back in December.

Jar says all of the issues, such as a blocked bar sink and misplaced handsoap, were minor and immediately corrected.

As for the mention of raw foods being stored directly above non-raw items, Jar says everything in his cooler is in its proper place and none of the fresh ingredients are ready to eat.

"We don't have any raw food because all the food we cook before we serve," says Jar.

With 35 years of successful restaurant experience, Jar says his customers should have no doubts about the cleanliness and quality of an iron chef meal.

Jar says, "The restaurant always clean, the food always fresh.  You order, we cook."

Now for tonight's critical list.  Dots Back Inn (4030 Macarthur Avenue) in Richmond with 5 critical violations.  An inspector found kitchen equipment, including a stove, toaster oven and ice machine, soiled to sight and touch.

Staying in the city, the Marriot's Blue Fire Steak House (500 East Broad Street) with 5 critical, among them several foods held 11 days past their consume- by date.

Moving on to Henrico, New India (5516 Lakeside Avenue) with 8 critical violations, including a soap container that was reused to store sauce.

And finally, Chen's Hunan Gourmet (3107 Mechanicsville Turnpike) with 5 critical.  Raw meats were found holding at improper temperatures.

Now for the good news, tonight's Hall of Fame Award goes to Antonio's Pizza (63 South Airport Drive) in Highland Springs for a perfect inspection December 22nd.