Businesses prep for Super Bowl crowds despite economic hardships

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - People are pinching pennies with every opportunity.

Many thought that trend would continue with Sunday's big game.

But manager at Champps Restaurant and Bar Kevin Sherrod is optimistic.

"I don't know if you can imagine the entire bar being five deep all the way around, it's just constant running back and forth," he said. "Half of the people are here for one team half for the other so it's just constant rivals back and forth. These people really enjoy a good game."

Some customers made their reservations when they came to Champps to watch last year's Super Bowl.

"We've got large groups of people that like to come here," he said. "Not a party of five but a party of twenty, a party of fifteen, that type of thing. This is like one big family anyway so instead of coming home you come out here with family."

Despite tough economic times, they're already booked for the Steelers-Cardinals game and they've stopped taking reservations.

At Banditos Burrito Lounge, football is second nature.

"The last few years since we've been promoting football this is one of our better days," said restaurant owner Richard Lyons. "It's just a big party. No matter who's playing, it's a party regardless, everybody just comes out to watch the game."

Lyons says he's fully booked for the Super Bowl, and believes that's because of the deals he offers.

"For $20 you can come here, eat, have a pitcher of beer, tip well, and walk out a happy person usually with a to go box and that's kind of how we roll," he said.

For Cijay Bailey, though money didn't factor into his decision to stay home.

He's trying to avoid drivers who drink too much while watching the game.

"They're gonna get in their vehicles and leave and not think much about what they had previously," he said. "I just don't want to be in that mix of people not thinking."

This is one of the most dangerous weekends on the roads due to the number of alcohol related crashes.

Many law enforcement offices in our viewing area will be looking out for impaired drivers.

Police say they want to make sure central Virginians arrive alive this Super Bowl Sunday.

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